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Nizhny-Perm-Nizhniy, the ship "Mikhail Frunze", May 29, 06.0
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Автор:  sakurasanta86 [ 06 июл 2018 07:22 ]

Honestly, the first time I undertake to write a report on the journey, so, if something goes wrong - do not be angry.
So, the journey to the Kama and Perm and the Kungur cave - the cherished dream of the last few years - has come true. The trip was bought strongly in advance, in December, knowing that for good cruises the places are bought up quickly. Moreover, we needed a 3-berth cabin, but not so many.
There are three of us - a husband (Senior, abbreviated S.), son (Junior, abbreviated M.), and I (without abbreviations, much shorter :)). Another fourth member of our company - a car of the brand "Opel" - our old friend and means of delivery to the Lower and back.
The first day. Moscow - NN - Mikhail Frunze.
On the day of our departure in Moscow, the Great Rain happened - that's exactly the way you want to call this element, pouring out an immense amount of water in three morning hours and flooding our yard. The sea is flooded, the land is not visible, as if we are already sailing! People came out of the porches knee-deep in the water. A neighbor on an off-road car, trying to leave the yard, drove the car into a puddle on the mirror (!), But the obstacle did not prevail, passed back. It's good that our "Opel" was on another, not flooded parking lot, or our trip would not have started like this.
In Moscow, we drove cheerfully, but on the Gorky highway immediately got into traffic. Normal driving started somewhere after 40 km. The next ambush awaited us on the border of the Vladimir and Nizhny Novgorod regions - a dead traffic jam for a few km. But in spite of everything, by 20-00 we arrived at the River Station building in NN.
"Mikhail Frunze" stood at the pier in proud solitude, no other ships were moored. A small crowd with suitcases gathered at the gangway, the crowd swirled more in the lobby of the main deck at the reception desk. We with the Younger dragged things and stood in line for registration, and the Elder went to park the "opera". Several administrators briskly dealt with tourists, documents and keys from the cabins, so that in about 10 minutes we already held our key and went to throw things. Soon the Elder, slightly concerned with the fate of our car for the next 8 days, was pulled up. But what was done, and done and handed the fate of our car to the higher forces and conscience of the local population, we went to dinner.
After supper, we were all invited to the sun deck, distributed a glass of champagne, and the welcome speeches of the captain, the cruise director and other "responsible persons" began, alternating with concert numbers. In 21-30 "Frunze" moored from the pier, on command we unanimously released the balls ... They took off in a multicolored mass and the wind quickly carried them to the east, into the evening sky. In the binoculars, the discarding balls seemed to me to be scattered letters, and to the Younger - fragments of DNA! Well, to whom that, I as Polonius in "Hamlet" did not argue ...: crazy:
I looked at the evening city, at the retiring Alexander Nevsky temple, which is on the "Strelka", and tried to feel that the cruise has already begun. Until somehow it did not work out very well. Well, tomorrow, there must be an entry into the stream, and now everyone should sleep! Although I really want to see Makarev Monastery ...

Автор:  Belgar [ 07 июл 2018 10:07 ]

Captain - Aleksander Sherbakov?

Автор:  Ksu [ 07 июл 2018 13:36 ]

Hello! Thanks for the report! I hope to continue!

Автор:  alvas [ 09 июл 2018 19:52 ]

ווייַס שיף גייט צו פּערם. טוריס וועט באַזוכן די Kungur הייל.

Автор:  паира [ 12 июл 2018 08:35 ]

Подскажите, а где вы в НН отставляли машину? Тоже собираемся в круиз и не знаем что делать с машиной...

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